Millions of Americans Miss Housing Payments

Already thousands of eviction cases are pending.

Roughly 20 percent of renters, or about 13 million people, told a Census Bureau survey last month that they had missed their May rent payment. Another statistic shows 30 percent of Americans missing their housing payments in June, both renters and homeowners with mortgages.

One in five American households who rent could face eviction by October, if enhanced federal unemployment benefits are discontinued at the end of this month, as scheduled.

Between 19 million and 23 million families across the nation are at risk of losing their housing by September 30, according to the COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project advocacy group.

It is necessary for landlords to receive income from rent to cover their own expenses, such as the cost of mortgages, building maintenance and property taxes. That is why advocates are arguing for federal assistance to help renters afford their bills, such as continuing the $600 in weekly unemployment benefits that have been added on to varying state unemployment payouts. 

The question is where these evicted individuals would go — homeless shelters are already overrun, and many families have already taken in other financially-distressed family members.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For government officials to have wisdom as they consider the options regarding extended unemployment benefits and housing.
  • For American families facing day-to-day decisions about which bills to pay.
  • For mortgage-holders and landlords who also rely on timely payments for their sustainability.
  • About the disasters to the American economy that occur with each additional day that businesses are shut down or restricted due to the coronavirus.

Sources: CBS News, CNBC


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