House Bill Introduced to Accelerate Mineral Mining

Promoting U.S. production would avoid importing critical minerals from China.

Members of the House of Representatives have introduced legislation to support domestic mining and processing of minerals essential to the production of electronic technology and medical supplies in the United States. China practically dominates the industry that produces rare earth, lithium, and other essential metals. 

One major provision of the bill is the streamlining of the mining permit review process. While in countries like Canada and Australia the process may take two to three years, in the U.S. it has taken up to 10 years or more to receive a mining permit. Rep. Paul Gosar, member of the House Committee on Natural Resources and co-sponsor of the bill, said that the current federal review process for mining “is arduous” and “we can do things better.”  

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Congress to be discerning in their consideration of the mining industry and process.
  • For the Lord to lead the House as they seek to increase domestic production.
  • For the safeguarding of the environment to be balanced with the need for minerals.

Sources: The Hill, Reuters


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