U.S. to Remove Students with Ties to Chinese Military Education

Roughly 1% of Chinese Students expected to be deported.

President Trump’s administration announced on Thursday that it would begin taking action against Chinese students studying in the U.S. with ties to Chinese military education. Currently, Chinese students are the largest cohort of international students who study in the United States. The goal of these actions are to put additional pressure on China, which recently passed a new security measure that cracked down on rights and freedoms in Hong Kong. 

The FBI has been briefing college and university officials about possible security threats from Chinese students over the past few years. Concerns primarily focus on students studying in scientific fields, as the Chinese government hand selects individuals to collect information on U.S. research. The visa restrictions are expected to affect roughly 3,000 students or roughly 1% of all Chinese students in the United States. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the State Department to have wisdom on how best to preserve the security of the nation. 
  • For President Trump to be led to the best security policies. 
  • That God would use the FBI to maintain the safety of the American research process. 

Sources: New York Times, Forbes, ABC


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