Information on Pensacola Shooter Released

Gunman’s attack, tied to al-Qaida, planned months in advance.

On Monday, officials at the FBI released information into the murder of three U.S. sailors at a military base in Pensacola, Florida. Mohammed Alshamrani was a Saudi Air Force officer training at the base. According to the report, the gunman had communicated with al-Qaida for information into planning an attack in the months leading up to his killing spree. 

The FBI also criticized the company Apple for not helping them open the shooter’s phone, which would have allowed them to collect more key evidence. Attorney General William Barr weighed in on the attack saying, “We now have a clearer understanding of Alshamrani’s associations and activities in the years, months and days leading up to his attack.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the FBI to have wisdom on how to prevent future attacks 
  • That God would use AG Barr to bring better justice to the country.
  • That the families of those killed last year to have hope from the Lord

Sources: AP, NPR, CNN


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