Virus Vaccine Could be Ready by September

Oxford University began clinical trials last week.

Scientists at Oxford University have already begun testing a potential coronavirus vaccine in humans. They believe that, if proven successful, it might be available as early as September. Clinical trials began last week.

“Personally, I have a high degree of confidence about this vaccine because it’s technology that I’ve used before,” said a professor of vaccinology at Oxford.

The vaccine has already seen success in monkeys, signaling the promising potential for humans. In Montana, scientists from the National Institutes of Health’s Rocky Mountain Laboratory injected six rhesus macaque monkeys with a single dose of that vaccine last month, and then exposed them to heavy doses of COVID-19. About a month later, researchers said the monkeys remained healthy.

“The rhesus macaque is pretty much the closest thing we have to humans,” said a doctor who is involved in the research.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the researchers at Oxford and elsewhere working on a vaccine against the coronavirus.
  • That the human trials would prove to be effective, and the vaccine could be developed rapidly for use this fall.

Sources: CBS News, Fox News


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