22 Million Students Face Hunger Without School Lunches

Food workers struggle to keep feeding children of poor families.

Although schools are trying their best, providing their food programs to hungry children is a trying task during epidemic times. With workers coming down with the virus themselves and healthy workers increasingly scared of contamination, districts are struggling to meet the needs of students on their various food programs. States such as Ohio, North Carolina, California, Texas, and Tennessee are feeling the strain.

Although the programs are doing their best to adapt, prepacking food to send to select drop off points for instance, reducing workers and excessive physical contact, parents are feeling even more worried than school workers. “It’s hard for the adults because we have to see our children go through it,” said mother Maria Robles of Houston, Texas. “It has gotten real scary. There are times I will not eat to make sure they will get something.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That the efforts of government-funded food plans would reach those who need it.
  • That the financial relief bill passed by President Trump would help ease the pangs of hunger for lower class families.
  • That God would continue to stimulate creative solutions to the sudden issues created by the present epidemic.

Sources: AP


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