Coronavirus Task Force and Presidential Briefing for Tuesday

Public update from the White House with current details and actions.

President Trump said the Treasury Department and SBA have announced the paycheck protection program, and the program for small businesses will have funds available for applications to be accepted on Friday, April 3.

Following a meeting with various network providers today, the president said that leading internet and phone providers are working to keep communications flowing under the increased strain. The business is at a level never seen before, but the infrastructure is holding up incredibly well, and providers expect everything to continue functioning.

On the distribution of supplies, massive amounts of medical equipment and supplies are going to all 50 states. The president added that the federal government is keeping around 10,000 ventilators in reserve for the expected surge in case. Federal leaders are preparing them for distribution to various states without taking over states. So far Michigan, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York have all received ventilators. In New York, 250 ambulances and 500 EMTs have been provided by FEMA. Field hospitals and small trailers are also being provided around the country depending on need.

The Army Corps of Engineers has been working to set up field hospitals, including a hospital in the New Orleans convention center, that will be up and running later this week.

The USNS Mercy in Los Angeles in fully operational and receiving patients. The USNS Comfort will soon be receiving patients also.

Hospitals are being given the flexibility to use other facilities like surgical care units for other than virus patients. Special areas for mothers to deliver their babies in a totally separate area are being approved.

Mike Pompeo and Ambassador O’Brien have been working to repatriate Americans from countries where they were stuck, and this work continues.

The president urged every American to be prepared for the hard days ahead. The administration expects that the two weeks will be very tough, but that the nation may start to see light at the end of the tunnel at that point. He said that the nation will answer the crisis with love, courage, and iron-clad resolve.

The president praised Samaritan’s Purse for rapidly put up a field hospital in Central Park.

The president reiterated that he and administration officials are praying for the many doctors, nurses, paramedics, sanitation workers, and all who are keeping things moving as necessary. He praised their efforts and said that doctors and nurses walk into hospitals like soldiers entering a war zone.

Dr. Deborah Birx shared some of the latest data.  She discussed the goals of community mitigation—the community of the American people who must do these mitigation things over the next 30 days to make things happen.

Estimates without mitigation showed up to 2.2 million people expiring from this instance. But with mitigation, following the guidelines, it runs from 100,000 to 200,000 deaths, which is still too much.

She compared data that was coming in from other countries. This model provides the most detail for a time course. The model assumes full mitigation. It is important each day to adjust the model. It predicts mortality in the United States which shows that the stark reality that the next two weeks are going to be severe.

The goal over the next 30 days is to ensure that states maintain a low level of new cases in an effort to reduce outbreaks in other areas.

She again urged Americans to follow the national guidelines and to honor the hard work of the doctors, nurses, hospitals, and others because of the stress they are under. Due to the limited number of medical personnel, no vaccine, and no cure, the only solution to stopping the pandemic is behavioral change.

She mentions that Italy turned the corner after the fourth week of mitigation where people work together and practice social distancing. This gives the nation hope for the next 30 days.

Dr. Anthony Fauci reported that the virus, left to itself, will be far more severe. But with mitigation, there is a force that turns the curve. It is a stepwise fashion and doesn’t happen all at once.

As the increase in new cases levels off, there is less hospitalization, less intensive care, less death. The latter always lags behind the testing that shows fewer cases.  The nation must brace itself because things are going to continue to go up. He urged Americans to not be discouraged because mitigation is working and will work.

The goal is to get the hotspots to get over the top of that curve and to keep other areas from those hard increases.

He praised the nation on being very strong and resilient, adding that the American people have been through some terrible ordeals, but have always made it through.

Vice President Pence laid out the numbers of deliveries of supplies to places where supplies are needed. Work with the governors continues, very closely. There have been 29 major emergency declarations. Some 17,000 National Guard have been activated across the country to help.

More than 1.1 million tests have been administered across the nation. Drive-through testing is working.

Governors were also told the importance of using their National Guard if need be to move medical supplies. FEMA is very busy doing the same thing. Airbridge flights continue to arrive, loaded down with medical supplies from around the world.

To people working on this virus around the country, doctors, nurses, hospitals: help is on the way!

The vice president said that the hearts and prayers of all task force members go out to families who have lost loved ones, to those who are struggling across the nation. He too restated to not be discouraged but to follow the guidelines in order to ensure that healthcare providers have the resources and hospitals have the capacity to do what they need.

He asked Americans to check for fever, self-quarantine, avoid traveling around. Additionally, unless there is a pressing need, Stay at home.

He thanked grocers, farmers, wholesalers, truckers for keeping the food coming to the American people.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and task force as they continue efforts to contain and reduce the virus.
  • For the medical personnel and producers who are working so tirelessly to tend and supply the nation.

Sources: Fox News, C-SPAN


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