Guidelines Could “Toughen Up,” President Says

Everyone has a role to play in winning this war.

President Trump told reporters that federal social distancing guidelines might be toughened and travel restrictions with China and Europe would stay in place, as he urged Americans to help fight the battle against the coronavirus.

New guidelines would come out soon, as he has received recommendations that include encouraging people not to gather in groups larger than 10, and avoid dining in restaurants and bars, and those will be put in place as the virus continues to spread.

“The guidelines will be very much as they are, maybe even toughened up a little bit,” he said.

“Every one of us has a role to play in winning this war,” he added. “Every citizen, family, and business can make the difference in stopping the virus. This is our shared patriotic duty. Challenging times are ahead for the next 30 days and this is a very vital 30 days.”

White House coronavirus task force response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx said federal guidance was important because all states were facing the same levels of risk.  “That’s why we really believe there needs to be federal guidance, so that every state understands.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the coronavirus task force members and the president as they develop additional guidelines for addressing the coronavirus.
  • That members of the public would adhere to the guidelines with appropriate social distancing and hygiene practices.

Sources: Reuters, C-SPAN


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