FDA Commissioner Updates the Nation

Scientists and physicians work 24/7 on virus treatments and cures.

Dr. Stephen Hahn, FDA Commissioner, announced today that 10,000 scientists, doctors and others working around the clock to fight COVID-19. “I have great hope for how we are going to come out of this situation, and not false hope,” he said.  He said the FDA is committed to their responsibility to the American people in ensuring products are safe and reliable.

Dr. Hahn, who was a cancer researcher, said America has unbelievable innovators, and that we are blessed as a country to have them. “We are looking at everything coming across our desk,” he said, “and are extremely encouraged about the promise ahead.” They are working to assure the right drug in the right dosage for the right person reaches them at the right time. Safety and efficacy are at the top of their list.

Many of their plans at FDA were in development together with the CDC in January before the first case in the U.S.  There is a cross-agency effort about “convalescent plasma,” which is being studied as a therapy. Pathogen-free immunoglobulin could be a bridge to other therapies. Things that had taken years before are taking months, again with safety at the highest level. He estimated that a vaccine can still take 12 months.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the Food and Drug Administration as they facilitate the treatments and cures being developed.
  • For wisdom and guidance for all the researchers and scientists in their experimentation and testing.

Sources: C-SPAN, CBS News


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