Presidential Update on Progress Addressing Coronavirus

FDA red tape being cut through

Thursday’s White House Briefing

President Trump announced that the initial bill out of Congress to provide relief to some Americans has been signed, and that members of his team, including Secretary Mnuchin, are on the Hill working with congressional members on other stimulus.  Workers and small businesses need to be able to “continue on,” so that when recovery occurs, things won’t be broken up, needing to be put back together which would take a long time.

He said red tape has been slashed dramatically with the Food and Drug Administration. Vaccines and therapies are being developed as quickly as possible. It took record time to launch the clinical trials of a first vaccine. They are also pursuing anti-viral therapies. The FDA commissioner has been directed to update their rules and revoke unnecessary bureaucratic barriers to speed up actions. Clinical trials are in process on therapies that show great promise. He is looking for “immediate” delivery.

Compassionate use drugs have also been approved for especially-needy patients. Drugs used in other countries are also being highly considered. These drugs are beyond the “right-to-try” option authorized last year with the cooperation of Congress.

Treatments used in Japan, Europe and elsewhere will not be prohibited.  A drug called hydroxy chloroquine, a common malaria and severe arthritis drug, has proven effectiveness and safety, and is showing very encouraging early results against the coronavirus. It will be made available “almost immediately” by prescription. Other promising therapies that have had other purposes seem to also have a good result against this virus and are nearing approval.

He thanked Americans for their great spirit, and for following directions, including staying home.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president as he continues to lead the nation in addressing the pandemic.
  • For Congress, the CDC, the FDA, and the Treasury as they work together to support the nation and citizens.

Sources: C-SPAN, CBS News


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