U.S. Intelligence Officials Warn of Election Meddling

Efforts to undermine 2020 election mirror 2016 actions

On Friday, members of the intelligence community briefed members of Congress on the growing election security concerns surrounding the upcoming federal elections in November. According to the report, Russia is once again attempting to manipulate public opinion through creating conflict online to accomplish the ultimate goal of destabilizing the United States, and sowing distrust of its systems among the citizenry.

In response to the information being released, President Trump said that there are those in Congress spreading the misinformation that Russia would prefer him over any of the Democratic candidates. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stated the American people, and not the Russian government should determine who will lead the country.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would lead the President on how to protect the upcoming election from foreign influence. 
  • For the Intelligence community to be clear-eyed on foreign interference.
  • That Congress would take action to protect the American election

Sources: AP, Washington Post, NY Times


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