Trump Administration Seeks to Limit Encrypted Messages

Justice Department opposing “warrant proof” messaging services

Friday saw the Trump administration renew its push to prevent companies from offering “end-to-end” encrypted messaging services that prevent anyone other than the phone owner to access the messages. According to Secretary Barr in a speech given last year, “By enabling dangerous criminals to cloak their communications and activities behind an essentially impenetrable digital shield, the deployment of warrant-proof encryption is already imposing huge costs on society.”

The Justice Department has been working with Congress to create legislation that would remove liability protections from tech companies that offer these privacy options when individuals utilize these services for criminal activity. The Department is also looking for accommodation for law enforcement to be able to “tap” digital devices similar to laws for monitoring phone calls.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would lead AG Barr on the best course of action to promote safety and rule of law in the nation.
  • That President Trump would be used by God to bring about greater freedoms to all citizens.
  • For Congress to have wisdom on the best legislation to pass to bring about better security options. 

Sources: AP, Washington Post, NY Times


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