Navy Boosts Recruiter Incentives After Falling Short in 2023

Both Special Duty Assignment Pay and Assignment Incentive Pay are offered for recruiting positions. The U.S. Navy is offering extra incentive pay to recruiters after the service fell…

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House Passes Compromise Defense Bill 

Troops will receive a 5.2 percent pay raise.  A compromise National Defense Authorization Act for 2024 has passed both the Senate and House and is expected to be…

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President Biden Meets with UAW President

Tentative labor agreements with the big three automakers are moving forward. President Joe Biden met with United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain on Thursday to show support for…

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Junior Enlisted Service Members May Receive Pay Raise

Congress takes steps to address financial challenges caused by inflation. House legislators recently proposed significant pay increases for junior enlisted service members, along with monthly bonuses to counter…

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Inflation Outpaces Wage Increases

Dallas federal reserve bank and labor data shows disparity. Purchasing power in the U.S. is experiencing further shrinkage despite higher wages. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has…

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Federal Firefighters Receive Pay Raise

Administration also provides mental wellness and health support. President Biden’s administration announced last week that they will be giving federal wildland firefighters temporary pay raises and mental wellness…

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