SCOTUS Rulings Make Challenging Immigration Policies Harder

Two related cases involved noncitizens.  The Supreme Court released a pair of rulings on Monday that will make it much more difficult for noncitizens to challenge the immigration…

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Security Fencing Erected Around Supreme Court

Demonstrators on both sides of abortion issue crowd perimeter.  The leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion indicating the overturn of the 1973 decision Roe v. Wade has…

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Kentucky AG Allowed to Defend Abortion Restriction

Supreme Court votes 8-1 to allow defense, does not address law itself. In 2019, Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron attempted to legally defend a state abortion restriction after…

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Justice Samuel Alito Warns of Intolerance

Religious liberty and free speech are endangered, he said. Some of the freedoms that America takes for granted are in danger of being lost, Supreme Court Justice Samuel…

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