President Biden Attends Dignified Transfer at Dover AFB

The three reservists from Georgia were killed in a drone strike in Jordan. President Joe Biden went to Dover Air Force Base Friday to attend the dignified transfer…

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Senators Question Military Officials During Classified Briefing

The issue of the southern border was brought up during discussions about Ukraine.  Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Charles Q. Brown, Jr.,…

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USAF General Brown Speaks at National Guard Conference

144th NGAUS Conference meets ahead of the Air Force’s 75th birthday. Air Force Chief of Staff General Charles, Q. Brown, Jr., spoke at the 144th Conference and Exhibition…

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State Department Approves $8.4 Billion Aircraft Sale

Sale of F-35A aircraft to Germany to be used for nuclear deterrence. Last week, the Department of State announced the foreign military sales approval for up to 35…

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General Charles Brown Sworn in as USAF Chief of Staff

First military chief officer of color was unanimously confirmed by Senate. On Tuesday, General Charles Q. Brown was sworn in by Vice President Mike Pence as the 22nd United…

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