Proposed Constitutional Amendment Introduced in House

Language would rein in “dark money” in elections.  Representative Adam Schiff of California introduced a constitutional amendment that would overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling in Citizens United…

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Constitutional Amendment Would Protect Parents’ Rights

House Joint Resolution 36 was introduced this week.  Members of Congress introduced a constitutional amendment that would protect a parent’s right to “direct the upbringing, education, and care…

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Legislation Would Add ERA to Constitution

Sponsors say all requirements have been met.  Representatives Carolyn Maloney of New York and Jackie Speier of California introduced a resolution to recognize that the Equal Rights Amendment…

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Senators Reintroduce D.C. Statehood Bill

The district lacks fair representation, Senator Tom Carper said. This past week, a group of senators reintroduced legislation that would give statehood to the District of Columbia. The…

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Lawmakers Offer Constitutional Amendment on High Court

Intent is to counter proposals to “pack” the Supreme Court. Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Martha McSally of Arizona, Roger Wicker of Massachusetts,…

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