U.S. and U.K. Launch Air Strikes Against Houthis 

The rebel group in Yemen states, “All U.S., UK interests have become ‘legitimate targets.’” The United States and British militaries bombed more than 60 targets in Yemen which…

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Army Activates New Air and Missile Defense Unit in Europe

Headquarters in Germany will control all Army air and missile defense in Europe. The U.S. Army announced the activation of the 52nd Air Defense Artillery Brigade headquarters in…

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Ukrainian President Makes Impassioned Plea to Congress

His virtual address was met with standing ovations.  Ukrainian President Zelensky appealed to Congress once again for a humanitarian no-fly zone. In his virtual appearance, he asked Congress…

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Second U.S. Airstrike Hits ISIS Suicide Vehicle

The ensuing explosions indicated the vehicle was heavily armed. An American drone struck a vehicle carrying at least one Islamic State suicide bomber heading for the Kabul airport.…

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U.S. Conducts Airstrike Against ISIS-K

CENTCOM said that an ISIS-K planner was the target and that the strike was successful. Less than 48 hours after the attack on the Kabul airport, U.S. forces…

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