VA Report Shows Opioid Treatment Program Failing Veterans

Office of Inspector General report exposes general oversights in the VA healthcare system. The Office of Inspector General within the Department of Veterans Affairs has reported that healthcare…

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Legislation Would Address Fentanyl Epidemic 

Similar bills were introduced in both House and Senate.  Representative Scott Fitzgerald of Wisconsin introduced a bill to address the ongoing opioid epidemic, particularly fentanyl-related substances. A Senate version…

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CDC Eases Rules on Opioids

Officials say that legal enforcement only fuels the opioid crisis.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a 200-page report with new recommendations to relax restrictions…

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Justice Department Addresses Substance Abuse

$340 million in grants is being awarded.  The Office of Justice Programs at the Department of Justice announced Friday that it had awarded more than $340 million to…

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CDC Publishes Opioid Addiction Report

A congressional committee also issues a report regarding the 2021 data. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published an updated opioid addiction report this week, documenting the…

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Federal Judge Fines Drug Companies for Opioid Damages

CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens fined a combined $650 million. U.S. District Judge Dan Polster has ordered the pharmacy operators CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens to pay a combined $650.6…

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