Sep 27th

Heavenly Father, as we face these days we trust in you and know that your love conquers all. We ask for the strength and wisdom to endure the…

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Sep 26th

Heavenly Father, strengthen and help us to stand strong in our daily battle. Lift up our hearts and our spirits, and guide us as we navigate an uncertain…

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Sep 25th

Heavenly Father, you are the light and the truth and the hope we carry in our hearts. You lift us up and strengthen us. You give us comfort…

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Sep 24th

Heavenly Father, grant us peace in our hearts, so that we may face these times with calm strength and thoughtful decisions. Let our minds and bodies find rest,…

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Sep 23rd

Heavenly Father, your love that guides us through the night. Help us keep faith in your plans, even when we might not understand your methods. Help us to…

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Sep 22nd

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the protection you have given us, and ask you to bring peace and comfort to our hearts. Help us find calm moments…

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