Supreme Court Upholds Ban on DV Gun Possession

Attorney general supports the court’s position that the federal law does not violate the Second Amendment.

Attorney General Merrick Garland responded with approval to the Supreme Court upholding a federal law banning firearm possession for individuals under domestic violence restraining orders.

“The Supreme Court’s decision today in United States v. Rahimi upholds Congress’s longstanding prohibition on the possession of firearms by people subject to domestic-violence restraining orders,” AG Garland stated. “That law protects victims by keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals who pose a threat to their intimate partners and children.”

In the United States v. Rahimi case, Zackey Rahimi was arrested in 2021 for participating in multiple hit-and-run shootings with firearms he owned. When authorities found that he was also under a domestic-violence restraining order, the court also indicted him for violating federal law for possessing firearms while under this order. 

The case was appealed to the Supreme Court with the argument that any ban preventing U.S. citizens from owning firearms violated the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court ruled against this argument, with one justice dissenting.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Supreme Court justices to be led by the Lord as they prepare to release the remaining opinions of the current term.
  • For wisdom for Attorney General Garland and DOJ officials as they assess the rights and restrictions of U.S. citizens under the Constitution.

Sources: Department of Justice


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