EPA Reviewing Study on Toxic EtO Gas in Louisiana

Local emissions, reportedly a thousand times higher than safe levels, create a “cancer alley.”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is reviewing a report filed by researchers that found dangerous levels of ethylene oxide (EtO) in southeastern Louisiana. The researchers began examining the area in February 2023 after the EPA estimated that higher-than-normal levels of the toxic gas, caused by emissions made from local petrochemical manufacturing, may explain the higher levels of cancer in the area nicknamed “Cancer Alley.” 

EtO is so toxic that 11 parts per trillion of the gas can have negative health effects after long-term exposure. In southeastern Louisiana, the researchers found average EtO levels of 40 parts per billion, over a thousand times higher than the lowest toxic amount. The heightened EtO levels were found up to 6 miles downwind from the petrochemical factories.  

The EPA stated that it is taking steps to reduce pollution in the region that include new standards for chemical manufacturing and research into EtO sources.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For EPA Administrator Regan and agency officials as they evaluate steps to reduce harmful EtO gas in the region.
  • For healing for those whose health has been impacted by the EtO pollution in southeast Louisiana.

Sources: Reuters, Newsweek


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