Navy Returns Majority of Goshawk T-45C Fleet to Service

Over 90% of the fleet cleared for flight following thorough inspections and replacement of defective components.

The U.S. Navy has lifted its operational pause of the T-45C Goshawk fleet after an engine failure in April led to a temporary grounding. A preliminary investigation by the Naval Air Systems Command and the Naval Undergraduate Flight Training Systems Program Office found that the incident was caused by a manufacturing defect in a low-pressure compressor blade.

“The T-45s that were returned to flight status contain blades that have been meticulously and methodically inspected as well as blades produced by a different manufacturer that have more than 1.6 million flight hours without a similar manufacturing defect observed,” Chief of Naval Air Training spokeswoman Anne Owens said. “The Navy has returned more than 90 percent of T-45 engines to service.”

Rolls Royce, the engine manufacturer, is continuing to assess the engineering data to bring the remaining grounded aircraft back to operational status.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro to receive God’s wisdom as he heads the service branch.
  • For Vice Admiral Carl Chebi to be led by the Lord as he commands the Naval Air Systems Command.

Sources: Navy Times, Military Times


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