President Signs Ban on Imports of Russian Uranium

12 percent of the uranium the U.S. uses for nuclear power as come from Russia.

President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan bill from Congress this week that bans the import of low-enriched uranium from Russia. This measure eliminates another economic tie to Russia due to its war against Ukraine.

The U.S. uses low-enriched uranium to power its nuclear power plants, the majority of which is sourced through foreign imports. As much as 12 percent of low-enriched uranium imports were sourced from Russia in 2022, prompting Congress to largely support a ban on those imports.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated that the move “reestablishes America’s leadership in the nuclear sector” and “delivers on multilateral goals” the U.S. set with its allies. The ban will go into effect 90 days after being signed.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for the president and federal legislators as they seek to avoid financing Russia in the war with Ukraine.
  • For the president and national security advisor to receive God’s direction regarding energy production, imports, and international trade.

Sources: The Hill, NY Times


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