Issue 647 – National Prayer Needs

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for America’s Military

The U.S. Army’s 1st Multi-Domain Task Force tested long-endurance drones during Balikatan military exercises in the Philippines. American soldiers monitored the electronic surveillance gathered by the drones and practiced passing data to Philippine troops to increase interoperability.

Pray for U.S. military commanders to be discerning as they oversee training and interact with allied forces in the Indo-Pacific region.


Secretary of State Antony Blinken made an unannounced trip to Ukraine this week to offer reassurance of the United States’ support. President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed gratitude for the “crucial package” of aid recently approved by Congress.

Pray for the secretary of state as he engages with Ukrainian leaders regarding the war.


President Biden’s administration notified Congress that it is moving forward with a new $1 billion sale of weapons to Israel. Due to the number of armaments, the sale could take years to deliver. The proposed sale now begins its journey through the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Pray for wisdom for U.S. legislators as they review and evaluate the potential sale of munitions to Israel.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is planning to launch a public dashboard that will track Influenza A in wastewater from sewers. The agency hopes to determine levels and sources of H5N1 bird flu from dairy cattle, dairy processors, or human infections.

Pray for CDC officials as they seek to determine the levels of Influenza A from wastewater data.


The Department of Labor reported the consumer price index was down in April, at 3.4 percent. Monthly inflation came in slightly below projections, at 3 percent. However, the department stated, “The index for shelter rose in April, as did the index for gasoline.”

Pray for Labor Department officials as they assess and report U.S. economic data, inflation, and employment.

Pray for Needs Across the States

The Delaware House of Representatives passed a measure to establish a hospital cost review board. The legislation seeks to reduce healthcare costs by requiring hospitals to submit budgets that comply with spending guidelines set by the state government.

Hawaii Governor Josh Green has approved $385 million for victims of the Maui wildfire. The governor reported that 75 percent of those displaced by the fire have moved from shelters into long-term. housing.

Pray for state officials as they approve laws and acts to address the issues facing their residents and constituents.

Pray for America’s Faith Community

“It is time for us to get our praise bills current. Some of us are just way behind. Some are delinquent, 60-day notice, 90-day notice… taking God for granted because you know He’s a good God… You owe Him the breathing breath He gave you to breathe! And you owe Him praise. … Some of us praise only when we’re happy. … Hebrews 13:15 says, ‘Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise the fruit of lips that openly profess His name.‘ … A sacrifice means an offering. When the Bible says give an offering it’s not talking about giving it grudgingly, giving it with an attitude. Some of us were raised by parents who said, ‘Not only do you have to do certain things, but you’re going to do them with the right attitude.‘ … You had to not only do what you were supposed to do, but you had to do it with the right attitude. … We have the privilege of offering to Him a sacrifice, right attitude sacrifice, right motive sacrifice, right language sacrifice. I owe Him a sacrifice. That has nothing to do with my feelings! … Your feelings have nothing to do with it. A sacrifice has to do with the object. Give God your best, whatever you’re giving Him. Give Him your best. … I’m telling you, God is a God who will show up if you will be a person who strategically, regularly, at all times, no matter what you’re going through. You give Him the praise He is due and He will show up in your life.“ – Paul Sheppard, Destined for Victory, May 2024

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