First Lady Speaks at NYSE Women’s Health Summit

The event seeks to increase investment in women’s health.

First Lady Jill Biden spoke at the Women’s Health Investor Summit at the New York Stock Exchange in Manhattan this week. The event encourages investors from venture capital, private equity, foundations, endowments, and governments to increase investments in women’s health

The first lady spoke about the lack of focused treatment options for women, saying, “Women’s health is understudied and research is underfunded. As a result, too many of our medications, treatments, health products, and medical school textbooks are based on men.“

She continued, “This has created gaps in our understanding of conditions that mostly affect women, only affect women, or affect women and men differently, leaving women seeking health care in a medical world largely designed for men.“

She concluded, “Together, we will build a health care system where women aren’t an after-thought, but a first-thought. Where we leave doctors’ offices with more answers than questions. Where we don’t have to miss days of work or life for treatable conditions. Where no woman or girl has to hear, ‘it’s all in your head,‘ or, ‘it’s just stress,‘ ever again. Where women don’t just survive, they lead long, healthy, and happy lives.“

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For First Lady Jill Biden as she advocates for investment and research focused on women’s health.
  • For President Biden and members of his administration to be discerning as they promote women’s health advancements.

Sources: The White House


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