U.S. Navy Digital Connection Project Running Ahead of Schedule

Developers are working to create functional software for existing hardware.

Rear Admiral Douglas Small, commander of the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command, reported the Navy’s Project Overmatch, an initiative to digitally connect its fleet, is running ahead of its deliverable schedule. He said at the recent Navy Sea Air Space conference that they are working to tailor custom software to existing ship hardware to complete this project as quickly as possible.

“We’re fielding a data fabric that connects across the force. We provide all of those things as a platform. What we need are the applications, not new computers—that just takes longer to install on ships and shore facilities. Focusing on software is our key,” Admiral Small said. “We have plenty of contract vehicles to get your software into the brains of sailors tomorrow.”

Project Overmatch was launched in 2022 and continues to develop in secrecy. Though its name and objective are public, details will not be provided to sailors at large until its completion.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Rear Admiral Small to be prudent as he commands the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command.
  • For U.S. Navy officials as they implement Project Overmatch and seek to connect the entire U.S. fleet.

Sources: Federal News Network, C4ISERNET


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