U.S., Britain, and Australia Consider Expanding Their Alliance

AUKUS leaders release a statement considering Japan as a possible addition.

Officials from the U.S., Britain, and Australia released a joint statement this week announcing the possibility of expanding their defense alliance. This alliance, known as AUKUS, sees the benefit of including other “like-minded partners” to increase coordination on advanced technology development, as outlined in Pillar II of its agreement. 

The alliance is considering adding the nation of Japan, a key ally not only for technological reasons but also as a localized counter to Chinese influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

“Recognizing Japan’s strengths and its close bilateral defense partnerships with all three countries, we are considering cooperation with Japan on AUKUS Pillar II advanced capability projects,” AUKUS leaders stated.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the U.S. defense secretary and UK and Australian foreign ministers as they explore the possibility of including Japan in the defense alliance.
  • For discernment the president and his defense advisors as they assess the security needs of the Indo-Pacific.

Sources: The Hill, Defense News


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