U.S. and South Korea Practice Missile Intercepts

Advanced stealth fighters fly in joint drills as North Korea continues testing.

North Korea has launched six missile tests so far this year. In response, the South Korean air force reported that the U.S. joined them to conduct missile intercept exercises using advanced stealth fighters to drill over the Korean Peninsula. Experts believe that North Korea would use cruise missiles against U.S. military bases in Japan and aircraft carriers in a conflict.

As North Korea recently tested new surface-to-sea missiles, Leader Kim Jong Un said that if South Korea “violates even 0.001 millimeter of our territorial land, air and waters, it will be considered a war provocation.”

Trilateral training between the U.S., South Korea, and Japan has increased as North Korea has expanded its weapon testing.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Kendall to be discerning as he oversees the U.S. Air Force.
  • For U.S. commanders as they engage in joint exercises with allies in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • For the president and his military advisors as they consider the threat posed by North Korea.

Sources: Air Force Times, Stars and Stripes


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