Appeals Court Hears Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Case

The issue is the inaccuracy of dates written on the ballots.

The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals held oral arguments this week regarding whether or not the state of Pennsylvania’s mail-in voting ballots should be counted if the dates written by the voter are incorrect.

Plaintiffs maintain that a lack of written accuracy on mail-in ballots, specifically the date of submission written in by the voter in this case, violates state law and, therefore, should invalidate the vote. The case was appealed after a lower court ruled that as long as the ballots are received in the mail within the appropriate time frame, mistakes in the dates written on them do not matter.

Circuit Judge Cindy Chung also questioned whether such stringency is required when dealing with such mistakes on mail-in ballots. She asked, “Is there a difference between non-compliance — where you totally leave off the date — and imperfect compliance, where you have the date but you got the year wrong?”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For federal appellate court judges as they hear oral arguments and question the attorneys on the particulars.
  • For wisdom for federal judges at all levels of the judiciary to be led by the Lord in their decisions.

Sources: AP, CBS News


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