Federal Judge Dismisses Yelp’s Lawsuit Over ProLife Disclaimers

The case against the Texas attorney general was regarding the website’s medical provider disclosures.

Federal Judge Trina Thompson of the  Northern District of California recently denied Yelp’s lawsuit against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. The Texas attorney general had filed suit against the business review site for adding disclaimers to information about pro-life pregnancy centers, stating the activity violates the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

The site had added disclaimers to all pregnancy resource centers, stating that they may not have licensed medical professionals on-site regardless of whether or not the center actually does. Yelp did not add such disclaimers to any abortion provider, even if it were applicable.

Attorney General Paxton’s lawsuit alleges that Yelp’s labeling practices were misleading and disparaging, as the disclaimers were not applied consistently across all relevant facilities. He stated, “Yelp cannot mislead and deceive the public simply because the company disagrees with our state’s laws.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For federal judges as they assess the standing and the arguments in the cases they hear.
  • For state attorneys general as they seek to ensure compliance with their laws from national businesses and companies.

Sources: Christian Post, Pregnancy Help News


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