NASA to Send First Space Force Guardian into Space

The military service member will accompany three astronauts aboard the SpaceX Crew-9 mission this summer.

NASA announced that the SpaceX Crew-9 mission, scheduled to launch this summer, will send a Space Force Guardian into space for the first time, along with three other astronauts. Space Force Colonel Tyler “Nick” Hague first went to space in 2018 as a NASA astronaut, and this will be his first time back into space since he joined the Space Force in 2020.

The crew will head to the International Space Station, where they will take over for the currently stationed Crew-8. Colonel Hague will be joining the crew as its pilot. NASA astronauts Stephanie Wilson and Aleksandr Gorbunov will be the Mission Specialists, and Zena Cardman will serve as the mission’s Commander. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the NASA astronauts and Space Force guardians as they train and prepare for the mission.
  • For NASA Administrator Bill Nelson to receive God’s direction as he heads the space exploration agency.

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