Sunday, February 11

Members of committees in the House of Representatives are deliberating various funding for federal programs in the farm bill.

The legislation, which is renewed every five years, is due this September after Congress approved a one-year extension this past fall. The legislation renews funding for U.S. agricultural support, conservation efforts, and food subsidies for low-income Americans.

As the U.S. faces its largest amount of debt in history, members of the majority in the House of Representatives are seeking more reductions to food benefit programs, which already experienced budget cuts earlier this year.

House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member David Scott of Georgia emphasized his dedication to preserving food aid programs. “Legislation always requires some degree of compromise, but we will not compromise on our principles,” Congressman Scott said.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For representatives in the House as they deliberate the federal program funding in the farm bill.
  • For members of Congress in both chambers as they determine appropriations for the balance of the 2024 fiscal year.
  • For the president and officials in his administration to recognize the growing national debt and consider spending reductions for the future.
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