CIA Director Engages in Talks on Hamas Hostages 

He will also discuss solutions to ending the conflict with Middle Eastern officials. 

Director Bill Burns of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is meeting with the heads of Israel’s Mossad, Egypt’s intelligence chief, and the prime minister of Qatar in Europe with the goal of reaching an agreement to secure the release of the remaining hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. 

The Israeli official is hoping both the Egyptian and Qatari negotiators will put more pressure on Hamas to find a compromise that will result in the release of hostages. American officials acknowledged that reaching a deal might be the only path toward an ultimate ceasefire in Gaza. 

Hamas has continued to make demands, requesting the release of an overly high number of Palestinian prisoners held in Israel. 

Similar discussions that seek diplomatic solutions to ending the conflict in Gaza have been occurring regularly since early November. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Director Burns to receive the Lord’s wisdom as he discusses potential agreements for the release of the hostages held by Hamas.
  • For discernment for all the officials involved in the talks regarding how to end the conflict in Gaza.
  • For the peace of Jerusalem and for prudence for Israeli leaders as they seek to protect their nation.

Sources: Axios, Wall Street Journal 


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