Fifth Circuit Says Texas Border Buoys May Remain for Now 

They vacated the order for removal until they hear the case. 

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals said, for the time being, a floating barrier in the Rio Grande River placed there by the state of Texas may remain in place. The full court will hear the case on the barrier that deters border crossings in May. 

In September, a federal district judge ordered the state to remove the barrier. A three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit upheld that ruling 2-1 last month. Texas appealed the ruling and requested that the full court hear the case. Known as en banc, when the full complement of judges sits on a case, it is rare; less than 1 percent of cases are reheard. 

In agreeing to the en banc hearing, the Fifth Circuit also vacated the previous opinions. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the judges of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to be discerning as they prepare to hear and rule on the Rio Grande river barrier.
  • For the president and U.S. immigration officials to uphold the laws regarding border security and entry into the interior of the nation.
  • For Texas state leaders as they seek to protect both residents and migrants from harm and danger.

Sources: Politico, Law 360 


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