Treasury Sanctions Two Companies Shipping Commodities for Iran

The entities have funded Islamic extremists in the Middle East.

The Department of the Treasury sanctioned two companies this month for secretly exporting Iranian commodities on behalf of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran, Sa’id al-Jamal. The companies, one based in China and the other in the United Arab Emirates, forged documents for four commercial vessels, allowing them to traverse international waters with Iranian goods undetected. 

The money made by these products directly funds Sa’id al-Jamal, which distributes the revenue to other Islamic extremist groups in the Middle East, including the Yemen-based Houthi group currently attacking ships in the Red Sea.

“The United States continues to take action against the illicit Iranian financial networks that fund the Houthis and facilitate their attacks,” said Under Secretary Brian Nelson. “Together with our allies and partners, we will take all available measures to stop the destabilizing activities of the Houthis and their threats to global commerce.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Under Secretary Nelson as he oversees the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.
  • For Secretary Yellen to be led by God as she heads the Treasury Department.

Sources: Treasury Department


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