Army Releases Outline for Space-Related Missions

A new vision statement describes interoperation with the U.S. Space Force.

The U.S. Army released a document this month that outlines the vision for branch operations in space. The military branch had previously established protocols for space-related missions, but many of these responsibilities were transferred to the Space Force when it was established in 2019. The Army has now developed new priorities for its forays into space, which focus on interoperability with the Space Force and the continued development of space defense technology.

“Developing new space capabilities organizations and trained professional soldiers to develop effects for Army maneuver forces is critical to multi-domain operations,” says the vision document, signed by Army Chief of Staff General Randy George, Secretary Christine Wormuth, and Sergeant Major Michael Weimer. “Rapid proliferation and tactical application of competitor space capabilities will erode the advantages that ensure U.S. land dominance. To counter this challenge, current and future Army space integration and interdiction capabilities must enable multi-domain operations for the Army.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Wormuth to be directed by God as she heads the U.S. Army.
  • For General George and Sgt. Major Weimer as they fulfill their roles in guiding the service branch.
  • For Army and Space Force leaders as they work together to defend U.S. interests in space.

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