Senator Blackburn Introduces Pro-Life Legislation 

She says the sanctity of life for women and children would be protected. 

On Tuesday, Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee introduced the Women’s Right to Know Act. 

“The Woman’s Right to Know Act protects the sanctity of life for women and children across the nation,“ Senator Blackburn said. “This bill would set long overdue nationwide standards that most states have already implemented so that women across the nation are provided access to vital information by their medical provider.” 

The legislation, cosponsored by Representative Lisa McClain of Missouri in the House of Representatives, would require abortionists to inform women of the risks of the abortion procedures, as well as of the baby’s probable gestational age and developmental features. 

The legislation would require that abortion providers share the information with mothers at least 24 hours before the abortion. 

There are some states that already have similar measures in their laws, but the act introduced by Senator Blackburn would make such notifications a nationwide requirement. 

The introduction of the bill comes in the same week as the annual March for Life, which takes place on Friday, January 19, in Washington, D.C.  

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of Congress as they seek to protect the lives of women and infants.
  • For prudence for senators and representatives as they consider the bill that would inform pregnant women of the health risks of abortion.

Sources: Daily Signal, The Gateway Pundit 


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