Sunday, January 14

President Joe Biden has sent a delegation today to attend President Bernardo Arévalo’s inauguration in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

U.S. Representatives Norma Torres and Lou Correa, both of California, are members of the delegation along with several U.S. ambassadors and diplomats.

The United States will also be sending an unofficial delegation to Taiwan after that nation’s presidential election on Saturday. An administration official stated, “Given our unofficial relationship with Taiwan, we often send these high-level unofficial delegations of former government officials to Taipei.” That delegation will discuss U.S. policies and priorities with the president-elect.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For discernment the president and administration officials as delegations are sent to honor the elected officials of other nations.
  • For healing for the U.S. defense secretary as conflicts and tensions around the world continue.
  • For safe travels for the U.S. delegates in Guatemala and those traveling to Taiwan.
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