December 22nd – Friday

When he came to himself, he said… I will arise and go to my father. – Luke 15:17-18

Today’s verse refers to the story of the wasteful son and his extravagant father. The parable teaches about redemption, repentance, and the boundless grace of your Heavenly Father. The wandering son, after living recklessly and indulgently, has a life-changing revelation. After the destitution of his life of worldly excess, the son recognizes the preferable position as a servant in his father’s home. With humility and a penitent heart, he resolves to return to his father. When his father joyously welcomes him home, he experiences the abundance of his father’s love. If you find yourself lost in the pursuits of this world, you can, like this lost son, embrace the moment of clarity and turn to your God. His grace and forgiveness await you. Today, embrace the beauty of repentance, knowing that God eagerly awaits your return. He is ready to pour out His love and forgiveness.

As the Lord leads, pray with us…

  • For Director Rahul Gupta as he oversees the Office of National Drug Control Policy.
  • For DEA Administrator Anne Milgram as she heads efforts to address the opioid crisis.
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