U.S. Security Official Meets with Argentinian Leaders

He discusses potential U.S. investment in the lithium-rich and inflation-ridden economy.

Deputy National Security Advisor Mike Pyle of the National Security Council, met with Argentinian officials on Wednesday to explore the economic goals of the country’s newly elected president Javier Milei. President Milei was elected in November on a conservative economic platform, declaring himself an “anarcho-capitalist” in August as he promised to close Argentina’s Central Bank to curb inflation and political corruption. 

“Pyle discussed President Milei’s plans for Argentina’s economy, underscoring the importance of laying the foundation for economic growth,” the White House stated. “They also discussed areas where the United States and Argentina can strengthen their cooperation, including on advancing the clean energy transition and spurring private sector investment in the country.”

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met with President Milei at the White House in November, and Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm went to Buenos Aires for President Milei’s inauguration.

President Biden’s administration has shown interest in Argentina’s economics, both the 160 percent annual inflation rate and the country’s vast stores of lithium. Lithium is a rare earth metal needed for rechargeable batteries in electric vehicles, and Argentina is the fourth largest producer of lithium in the world.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of the National Security Council as they engage foreign officials and advise the president.
  • For U.S. officials to be discerning as they hold discussions with President Milei of Argentina.

Sources: Reuters, PBS, White House


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