Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren

U.S. Senator from Massachusetts

Elizabeth Ann Herring Warren was born in June 1949 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  She attended George Washington University and later earned a B.S. in speech pathology and audiology from the University of Houston. He earned a Juris Doctor from Rutgers Law School. 

In her pre-political career, she taught children with disabilities at a public school, entered the private practice of law, and donated legal services. She became a lecturer at Rutgers University, Newark School of Law, moving to the University of Houston Law Center where she became an associate dean and obtained tenure. She taught at the University of Texas School of Law, becoming a full professor, and taught at other law schools as well. She became a full professor at the University of Pennsylvania, later teaching for a year at Harvard Law School. 

She was appointed by President Barack Obama to be special advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau where she spent a year. A year later she ran for and was elected a United States Senator from Massachusetts, assuming office in January 2013. 

Twice married, first to James Robert Warren and now to Bruce Mann, she has two children and several grandchildren. Warren grew up as a Methodist, teaching Sunday School to fifth graders, and has attended various churches since.  

In the News…

The return of student loan payments after a three-year COVID pandemic-related pause is a concern that Senator Elizabeth Warren, and some others in the Senate, are raising with the Department of Education. 

Student loan repayments resumed in October, but a 12-month “ramp-up” period was provided by the Education Department for borrowers whose repayment could cause “unanticipated consequences” to their credit scores. 

In a letter to the Education Department, Senator Warren and her colleagues wrote, “The chaotic resumption of federal student loan payments has raised questions about the extent of errors and the measures being taken by the Department to address these concerns and provide assistance to affected borrowers.” 

They requested the department do an audit of the number of borrowers who missed student loan payments in October. They also want answers to questions about the process the agency uses in the ramp-up oversight. 

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Did you pray for Senator Warren today? You can let her know at:

The Honorable Elizabeth Warren
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