White House, Congress Trade Border Policy Proposals

Border security options meet with varying partisan responses.

The White House sent a proposal for potential southern border policies to Congress on Wednesday, garnering mixed responses as it reflects the strictness of the previous administration. The White House offered to reimpose migrant expulsion powers similar to the Title 42 policy introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, which allows border patrol officials to expel illegal migrants to Mexico without a court hearing.

“The administration has set something forward,” Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina stated. “It’s not a detailed proposal, but it actually does define some of the contours that I think could dramatically reduce future flows.”

While there is a general consensus that the ever-increasing flow of migrants across the southern border is an issue, legislators do not all agree that reintroducing strict expulsions would effectively address it. “Mass detention, gutting our asylum system… is not the way to fix our immigration system,” Senator Alex Padilla of California said.

The White House continues to emphasize that the administration “has not signed off on any particular policy proposals or final agreements.” They will continue to trade policy proposals with Congress until a suitable compromise is found.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and his immigration advisors as they work with Congress on border security.
  • For members of the federal legislature to be discerning as they seek agreement on the border.

Sources: Reuters, AP


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