December 11th – Monday

Let both grow together until the harvest. – Matthew 13:30

The United States officially entered the European theater of war on this date in 1941. Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Italy and Germany also declared war on the United States. The votes in both the House and Senate were unanimous. Ultimately, the United States would prevail against Italy and Germany and Victory in Europe (VE Day) occurred in May of 1945. Approximately 418,000 Americans lost their lives during the Second World War. However, the worldwide toll was well over 60,000,000 souls. As you pray for the governing officials of the United States today, ask the Lord to give them wisdom that will save human lives and prevent destruction. Then, ask God to work in you to bring His light, comfort, and peace to those who are hurting this holiday season.

As the Lord leads, pray with us…

  • For Secretary Lloyd Austin to seek God’s discernment as he oversees the Department of Defense and the nation’s Armed Forces.
  • For the president and his military advisors to be prudent in their responses to international conflicts.
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