Legislators Return Focus to Price Gouging in Military Contracts 

They ask the defense secretary to be more proactive in obtaining pricing data from military contractors.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Representative John Garamendi of California recently wrote a letter to renew attention to price gouging within contracts for military spare parts. The legislators sent the letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and to the TransDigm Group, Inc. CEO Kevin Stein, whom the legislators say have been “ripping off” the government for at least a decade.

Senator Warren and Congressman Garamendi wrote that TransDigm’s “ongoing refusal to provide DoD with pricing data is unacceptable given the company’s record of ripping off the government and taxpayer.” 

“Contractors who consistently refuse to turn over cost and pricing data continue to rake in DoD contracts,” the legislators wrote to the defense secretary. The senator and congressman said that Boeing is another parts contractor that is withholding their pricing data.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of Congress as they seek transparency from military contractors regarding pricing.
  • For Secretary Austin to heed the request of legislators to obtain accurate pricing data from defense contractors.
  • For senators and representatives as they work on appropriations for the federal government and national defense.

Sources: Military.com, Roll Call


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