December 6th – Wednesday

This night your soul is required of you. – Luke 12:20

Today’s verse comes from a parable taught by Jesus that could be termed “you can’t take it with you.” He teaches believers to be satisfied with what they have and be generous rather than stingy. Maintaining your relationship with the Lord has eternal benefits, whereas acquiring material things is transitory. It is okay to work hard or have possessions, you recognize that everything belongs to God who created the material world. Regardless of your wealth or status, you leave behind earthly treasure when God calls you home. The spiritual legacy of faith that you invest in and build in this life will last into the next. Nurture your relationship with the One who created you and help to cultivate others in the family of faith. As you pray today for governing officials, ask the Lord to show you how to increase your eternal “investment portfolio.“

As the Lord leads, pray with us…

  • For U.S. economic officials to seek God’s direction as they assess the state of the nation and advise the president.
  • For members of Congress to recognize the Creator of it all as they set about legislating federal affairs.

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