Federal Judge Orders Disclosure of Hamas Funding

Judge writes that recent actions against Israel are sufficient basis.

U.S. Representative Ronny Jackson of Texas sued President Biden’s administration in December 2022 for information on the amount of American taxpayer funding that had gone to Palestinian groups. Long before the Hamas attack two months ago in Israel, the lawsuit was brought under the Taylor Forces Act, legislation named after an American soldier who was killed by a terrorist. 

In court documents, Congressman Jackson’s attorneys wrote, “Congress criminalized providing benefits to [Foreign Terrorist Organizations] precisely because such benefits make terror attacks more likely to occur.” 

Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, writing for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, noted that the motion he ruled on had been filed before the attack and that the administration’s “admission that its activities in the West Bank and Gaza benefit Hamas suggests, with reasonable particularity, the possible existence of other facts, currently hidden, establishing traceability” of the administration’s funding to the Palestinians and increased risk of terror attacks. 

“These reasons, in concert with Hamas’s recent attack on Israel that killed fourteen Americans and resulted in others being held hostage, provide a sufficient basis for [Jackson’s] request,” Judge Kacsmaryk wrote. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Judge Kacsmaryk as he hears and rules on cases brought before his district court.
  • For Representative Jackson as he seeks information regarding the amount of assistance sent to Palestinian groups.
  • For U.S. administration officials to be transparent and aboveboard regarding taxpayer funding sent to the Middle East.

Sources: Fox News, Breitbart


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