Issue 623 – National Prayer Needs

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for America’s Military

The U.S. Air Force is testing new eyewear that provides better protection from damage from laser pointers. More than 9,000 incidents of laser pointers that were intentionally aimed at aircraft were reported in 2022 alone, posing severe safety threats to pilots and violating federal law. 

Pray for technicians and scientists as they develop protective eyewear for pilots. 


Russia said it has thwarted more than 20 attacks by Ukrainian drones over Russian territory, including at least one over central Moscow. The attacks followed one of the largest drone attacks by Russia against Ukraine’s capital Kyiv. Ukraine said it intercepted 71 drones across six regions, “a record number.” 

Pray for wisdom for military officials as drone military maneuvers are used by both sides in the conflict. 


China and the United States continue to dispute the use of the South China Sea. The Chinese military said it had used naval and air forces to “attack, monitor and turn away” a U.S. Navy destroyer that was on a routine “freedom of navigation” operation. China claimed the incident “proves that the United States is an out-and-out security risk creator in the South China Sea.” 

Pray for U.S. officials and allies as they promote the lawful navigation of the world’s seas by all parties. 


State departments of health are issuing warnings about scams in connection with medical insurance enrollment programs. One reported, “Scammers can be very convincing and creative, so we want residents to know the warning signs and what to do if a call or contact seems suspicious. Insurance companies would never contact you by phone, email or text to ask for personal information like your Social Security number or bank information.”

Pray for Americans to exercise caution and use known agencies or companies through which to enroll in medical insurance programs. 


Israel and Hamas, as part of their ongoing negotiations, have extended the “humanitarian truce,” for several days, according to Qatar. Approximately 240 hostages have been held in Gaza by Hamas since October 7, and they are releasing ten or so each day during the initial truce in exchange for 150 Palestinians in Israeli jails. 

Pray for the health and safety of the hostages and that they will soon be released by Hamas.


Largely due to the high mortgage rates, sales of existing homes once again slowed in October. According to the National Association of Realtors, existing home sales have reached their lowest level in more than a decade and are down 14.6 percent from a year ago. 

Pray for families who have been unable to secure housing due to high interest rates that make mortgage payments out of reach. 

Pray for Goodness in America

The Department of Veterans Affairs has paused foreclosures on homes with VA-backed loans to allow veterans who are struggling to keep up with mortgage payments time to financially recover by skipping payments. 

Give thanks for the VA program designed to help veterans retain their homes and pray for veterans who are struggling to make their mortgage payments. 

Pray for Needs Across the States

Governor Janet Mills and members of Maine’s congressional delegation are urging federal regulators not to pursue offshore wind turbine energy projects in fertile fishing grounds off the state’s coastline. The state officials are calling the projects inappropriate. 

A bill introduced in the Pennsylvania House would require owners of vacant and neglected properties to pay fees starting at $500 a year and escalating to $4,000 by year nine and beyond. The bill’s sponsor said, “Blight is a problem that affects every community across the Commonwealth, both rural and urban.”

Pray for members of state legislators as they address the needs of their regions and communities. 

Pray for America’s Faith Community

“Today’s complacency is tomorrow’s captivity. This world is constantly fighting for our attention and trying to draw us in to what it says is right, but if we walk closely with God, then it cannot have a foothold over us or our children. When our integrity is greater than our influence, nothing can stop us.“ – Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, Higher Ground, November 2023 

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