Issue 623 – Federal Branches

Praying for Our Leaders in Government

Executive Branch: Pray for the President and his Administration

President Joe Biden is not traveling to Dubai for the COP28 United Nations Climate Change Conference that begins Thursday. Aides suggested he is keeping his focus on the wars in the Middle East and Ukraine. John Kerry, the president’s special climate envoy, and his delegation will be in the United Arab Emirates for the two-week conference. 

Pray for President Biden and his advisors as they respond to developments in the wars in Ukraine and Israel. 

Legislative Branch: Pray for Senators and Representatives in Congress

Representative Josh Brecheen of Oklahoma is introducing two bills that challenge the efforts of President Biden’s administration to support abortions through its use of federal funds. They are known as The No Abortion Coverage for Medicare Act and the No Taxpayer Abortions for Unaccompanied Minors Act. 

Pray for Congressman Brecheen and others who seek to prevent the use of and eliminate federal funding for abortions. 


The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Mike Turner of Ohio, said more tapes of the J6 incident at the Capitol will be released quickly. He stated, “When you see the footage yourself, it’s going to give you an understanding of what was there and what occurred that day. … It’s important for Americans to know the truth.” 

Pray for those in leadership positions in Congress as they seek transparency in the federal government and particularly surrounding the incidents of January 6. 

Judicial Branch: Pray for Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges

Maryland’s handgun license law was struck down by a federal appeals court as a violation of the Second Amendment. Fourth Circuit Judge Julius Richardson wrote, “In Maryland, if you are a law-abiding person who wants a handgun, you must wait up to thirty days for the state to give you its blessing. Until then, there is nothing you can do; the issue is out of your control. Maryland has not shown that this regime is consistent with our Nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation.” 

Pray for judges across the country hearing and deciding First and Second Amendment rights cases. 

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