CIA Director in Qatar to Discuss Hostage Releases 

Director of Mossad takes part in the discussion on possibly extending the ceasefire.

It took two weeks of diplomatic negotiations to establish the initial agreement between Israel and Hamas for the release of hostages in exchange for a pause in the war effort and prisoner exchange. Another four days were needed to reach the first extension. 

Now CIA Director Bill Burns is in Qatar to meet with the director of Israel’s Mossad and the prime minister of Qatar for discussions on additional possible extensions. The director of Egypt’s intelligence service is also a part of the meeting. 

Director Burns is a former ambassador to Jordan with experience and understanding of the Middle Eastern mindset. The CIA is not commenting on his negotiations. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for CIA Director Burns as he negotiates with other intelligence leaders and ministers regarding the extension of the ceasefire agreement for hostage release.
  • For the president and secretary of state as they seek the release of Americans being held hostage by Hamas.

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