Brendan Carr, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission

Brendan Carr

Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission

Brendan Thomas Carr was born in January 1979 in Washington, D.C.  He earned an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and a Juris Doctor from the Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America. He clerked at the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals before entering into the private practice of law.

He joined the Federal Communications Commission as a legal adviser, advising on wireless, public safety, and international issues. He later became the general counsel for the FCC.

President Donald Trump nominated Carr to become a commissioner of the FCC, he was confirmed by the U.S. Senate and assumed office in August 2017. President Joe Biden renominated Carr to the FCC, and again he was confirmed by the Senate in September 2023.

Carr and his wife Machalagh have three children.

In the News…

The Federal Communications Commission has enacted new rules that will empower the agency to review and investigate potential discrimination by broadband providers. The intent is to eliminate discrimination in access to internet services. 

Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr said the government’s expenditure of hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to end the “digital divide” is failing. He said that pending reform has also gone nowhere and President Biden’s multibillion-dollar “Internet for All“ initiative will waste additional taxpayer dollars.

Commissioner Carr has opposed the president’s plan, first because it “hands the administrative state effective control of all internet services and infrastructure in the country,” something never before done in the 40-year history of the public internet. He said the entire internet industry is swept into the jurisdiction of the FCC for the first time in the agency’s 90-year history. 

“In the end, the FCC could have adopted rules that lawfully and faithfully implement Congress’ decisions in the Infrastructure Act,” Commissioner Carr said. “The FCC could have taken concrete steps that would have extended high-speed internet service to more Americans. In fact, the FCC cites a few such actions in its draft order that were raised in the record—including eliminating government-imposed barriers and regulatory red tape that have been slowing down broadband builds. 

“But instead of going that route, the FCC opts for this ideological approach instead.” 

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